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19 April 2005

Updates in many sections. I will add ogg tools too


20 March 2002

Many features have been updated by Ol:

  • Skin.
  • Backend (sql queries, tables structures).
  • Search module.

23 February 2002

<NOTE>: the stuff on this site comes from my former "Dams' MP3 Page" and is very outdated now since I have not searched for new software for maybe 2 years. What you will find here are some updated links and a new layout that will allow me to maintain the database better (I mean with a "real" database), but do not think that these lists of applications are exhaustives, you can find a lot more on Freshmeat (but you will have to sort the results yourself :)).</NOTE>

I did a few updates again, to orphan the old site "Dams' MP3 Page". But some things are not working for now on this site, like the search feature and the forum. And the sql queries against the database server seem quite slow, so you may find this site slower than the former. On an other subject, I am really interested in Ogg Vorbis too (althought my RioVolt PSX 100 does not play it (and it is broken now anyway, the lens did not last for more than one year!!!)), so I may add a section for it later.

Please use a single word for your search.

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Use --r3mix option with lame when you encode your files.
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